Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sunday Salad

7:30pm. My husband and I are snuggling on the couch watching 60 Minutes and he whispers in my ear, "whasfordinner?".

"I don't know. Let me go downstairs and whip something together."

I amble down to our kitchen and open the fridge. A week's worth of leftovers and new groceries from today stare back at me. Without hesitation, I decide to make "Sunday Salad". This is a dish that takes the best leftovers from the week and fresh mixed greens and veggies to make a hearty meal.

This batch of Sunday salad includes:

Mixed greens
grilled fennel (leftover from Wednesday night)
red skin potato salad (leftover from Tuesday night/burger night)
broccoli coleslaw mix (fresh from grocery shopping today)
haricot verts (from the freezer/quickly defrosted in a bowl of cool water)
chopped red onion
chopped red bell pepper
fresh snipped parsley leaves

The red skin potato salad defines the dish. Small chunks of potatoes with their skins, chopped egg, chopped celery and white onion, parsley, dijon mustard and a small amount of sour cream. Tossing the salad with a little bit of homemade honey dijon dressing makes this a real treat. There is nothing that makes a salad hearty quite like chunks of potatoes and hard boiled eggs.

I pair this with fresh grilled shrimp and a side of reheated brown basmati rice and we have a meal, here.

20 minutes prep time...and just enough time to clean the dishes before watching the Soprano's.

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