Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Wrapped for Shipping

I'm moving into a new space. As excited as I am to start another chapter of my life, packing boxes is always emotional. It's probably no surprise that I started in the kitchen. I need to make sure that everything I want and need is ready to go with me. Certain pieces, left unused recently, bring back great memories.

Last night I packed up my cast iron skillet. This heavily seasoned piece was a gift from my grandmother. A French blue 11" Le Creuset skillet with a lid, the set probably weighs ten pounds. I'm not sure how she used it. But on one of her own moves, she offered it to me and I accepted without any hesitation. Right before the gift, I had come back from a trip to the Greenbrier and attended a cooking class that featured salmon fillets seared on a cast iron skillet. I couldn't wait to use hers for the first time. The salmon was marvelous! Shortly thereafter, Hunter brought back rainbow trout from Colorado and they were equally delicious. Before packing it away, I gave the skillet a final and tender wipe with a few drops of vegetable oil for good luck and added protection during the move.

I also can't part with my Toaster Oven. I'm not even sure that this piece of equipment is legal anymore. There's nothing better for making a baked potato with a really crispy skin than a Toaster Oven. I also love to heat up pita sandwiches in it. Cheese always melts gently while the pita becomes super crispy. This is something that microwaves can't do. Ditto for using the "top brown only" feature on a tuna melt. The tuna salad stays cool, the muffin stays crisp, but the cheese oozes. Have you ever had a decent tuna melt that came out of a microwave? I didn't think so. There is nothing more gratifying than serving someone a treat from the Toaster Oven...especially, someone skeptical of the device.

Enough typing for now as I go back to my boxes...

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