Thursday, July 06, 2006

Red, White & Blue Breakfast

As long as I can remember, my family has celebrated the July 4 holiday with a "Red, White & Blue Breakfast". Complete with hand flags and other table accessories, the "Red, White & Blue Breakfast" was something that my older brother and I took very seriously.

Early on my Dad made the decision that bananas would be the only means of portraying white in breakfast foods. Red could be raspberries or strawberries. Blue was only blueberries. But the decision to forego whipped cream in favor of bananas was out of respect for me...a true banana lover.

Some years, we had pancakes filled with each of the three patriotic fruits. Like the crisp lines of Old Glory, it is not appropriate to mix different fruit in a single pancake. One strawberry pancake. One blueberry pancake. One banana pancake. The three were stacked high and held in place with an American Flag toothpick. Other years, we ventured to waffles. Same rules for mixing fruit. At one point, we hit the crepe craze and my Dad used the back side of a Revereware saute pan as a crepe maker. We quickly determined that crepes were somehow un-American, and went back to the pancake and waffle staples in future years.

Decorations were an essential part of the holiday. In addition to the standard flag waving outside our home, my Mom scouted for table favors, placemats, napkins and other accessories to strike a festive mood. One year, after seeing the movie 1776, my brother and I decided to create our own fife and drum band using an empty paper towel roll as a fife and a coffee can as a drum. We both wore the appropriate colors, including a bright red pair of swim goggles on my brother and a hand towel as a head scarf. We marched through the kitchen to entertain our parents. I will try to find that photo for this article. It is priceless!

Another year, I think it was the year that Christopher Reeve played Superman in the blockbuster movie, I dressed up as "Super Four" and jumped off of our kitchen countertops wearing a blue towel as a cape. Again, using items around the house, a costume was born.

I still look forward to the "Red, White and Blue" breakfast and hope that at some point I can pass this festive tradition on to my niece and nephew who live far away from me.

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  1. too cute! what a nice memory :-)

  2. The tradition lives on with my grandchildren and they love it too. Although Curious George pancakes with banana noses are vying for first place these days.

    The glasscitygourmet's Dad.