Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Drifting Away...on St. Valentine's Day

As Toledo emerges from a Level 3 snow emergency**, I await the preparation of a Valentine's Day dinner with my Valentine. On the menu tonight: filet mignon, polenta with a portabello mushroom ragout, a light salad, and a sinful dessert involving large amounts of dark chocolate. Perhaps the dessert is wishful thinking on my part?

I have to admit that I have a really poor track record when it comes to romance. I managed to order some Teuscher champagne truffles on line, and they arrived in a timely fashion. Perfection. Given that the nearest Teuscher chocolate shop is in Chicago, this was well received as a thoughtful gesture. However, my attempt to write a sweet and sentimental message on a greeting card ended in tragedy.

My Valentine is house sitting for parents in Florida. Unknown to me, all mail is being forwarded to the sunshine state. While I am not ashamed of my affection, the idea of his octogenarian parents seeing my romantic sentiments by inadvertently opening the envelope leaves me a little apprehensive. What if they read it? What if they decide I'm a little "over the top" or slightly deranged? Or worse yet, they are not sympathetic to my sloppy sentiments and less than perfect spelling!

For now, I will direct my attention to the preparation of polenta. Ciao, bello!
8:54PM Dinner was a tasty as it looks. The portobello ragout included rosemary, garlic, a splash of red wine and a yummy cream sauce. Dessert exceeded my wildest expectations. My Valentine secretly steamed open a handful of fortune cookies and put in some homemade fortunes. So kind, so thoughtful, so delicious! I am in lust, in love, in culinary bliss. The Glass City Gourmet can drift away in a gust of gourmet delicacies and romantic mischief.
** For those in more temperate climates, during a Level 3 snow emergency all "non-emergency" traffic is forbidden by law. It's not that law enforcement wants to issue tickets to offenders, it's just that extraneous traffic will prevent road crews from efficiently cleaning up roads and increases the probability of accidents. This is serious business. Level 3 emergency status is rare...even in the snow belt.
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