Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mad Brothers Spices

Mad Brothers Spices...because if we were rich and had a lot of money, we'd be called "eccentric". So begins the adventure of Mad Brothers Spices a story of three brothers whose love of travel, adventure, and people influenced their unique spice blends.

Bill Eggleston serves as the front man for Mad Brothers. Last Saturday afternoon I had the chance to see Bill in action. He provided a cooking demonstration and product demo for about fifteen people in a private home. The demo featured steaks seasoned with "Really Righteous Rub for Flesh", Sazon and lime grilled chicken along with a "Carefully Crafted Consortium of Curry" used to season roasted kielbasa with vegetables. While preparing these dishes, Bill charms his audience with his encyclopedic knowledge of spices and incomparable story telling. Weaving fact and fiction into stories of pride and heroism among the brothers, his style only adds to the charm of the products. Bill's brother, Dan, attended the demonstration and enthusiastically answered questions about the products and the partnership.

As Bill educates and entertains, guests learn of his love for cooking that gained momentum when he would spice up the celebration barbeques at the completion of the construction of a new Home Depot store. Faced with a grill and a stack of frozen hamburger patties, Bill used his spice blends to make the meals special. With ongoing encouragement and interest from building contractors working on these projects, he decided to start packaging his spice blends for sale.

He partnered with his brothers, Dan and Ed to move forward with Mad Brothers Spices. The Mad Brothers are currently using an industrial kitchen to manufacture and package the blends. Their labeling states, "ingredients: Yup!". While humorous, I asked Bill about this and he explained that they need to reach $65K in sales for a product to be required to provide a full listing of ingredients. For now, their products have gone for laboratory testing to be able to incorporate nutritional information into the packaging as well.

In the meantime, the products are terrific. Each spice blend sells for $8 and comes with serving suggestions. However, Bill encourages friends of Mad Brothers to experiment and be creative.

Spice blends include:

Bodacious Blackening Bouquet: A traditional blackening seasoning made without salt.

Really Righteous Rub for Flesh: An unusual sweet rub designed to create a crust of flavor around grilled meats.

Potent Pulverized Pepper Dust: Hot and spicy flavor that can be used to enhance other seasonings with adjustable heat!

Sazon: (Spanish for Seasoning) is a common spice found in Spanish markets that combines dried coriander, garlic, salt and other flavors.

Carefully Crafted Consortium of Curry: A light and mild curry flavor for the Western palate.

For more information, to schedule a product demo party, or to order these locally developed seasonings for your own kitchen, contact Bill at: 419-450-2162.

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