Sunday, April 29, 2007

Humpty Dumpty Egg Salad

Once in awhile, we all crave the simple pleasures of childhood. Easy living when decisions pertained to what to eat for lunch, whether to run around outside or create some indoor fun. Right now, I'm juggling tight deadlines on a new community service project, the normal demands of my work schedule and efforts to maintain other ongoing activities. This afternoon, while doing some serious multi-tasking I got a hankering for an egg salad sandwich. Somewhere between running the vacuum cleaner, typing up a media release, and painting my toes for a job as a hostess during a fundraising event brain shifted to egg salad.

Using just what I had in my kitchen, I whipped up a batch and I think it bears repeating.

3 hard boiled eggs (chopped)
2 tbs. low fat plain yogurt
1 tsp. Country Dijon Mustard
dash of Tobasco
1 tbs. chopped leeks

Combine all ingredients and stir until the egg salad starts to bind. Cover and chill for one hour or more until cold. If you want more crunch, diced celery is an old fashioned favorite. I like to serve egg salad on toasted whole wheat bread with sliced tomato and lettuce.

“Glass City Gourmet” is a chronicle of one woman's attempt to cook, eat, diet and entertain with both flair and whimsy while based in Toledo, Ohio. I encourage you to read on as the "Glass City Gourmet" attempts grand recipes, samples locally owned restaurants, visits indigenous markets and humbly pursues her quest to be formally recognized as the official "Glass City Gourmet".


  1. I have never eaten leeks raw - never thought of it. I'd probably substitute fresh chives as the garden is overflowing with them right now. What do raw leeks taste like? I imagine it would be like a mild, crunchy scallion with a hint of garlic.

  2. Next time you have a similar hankering, try an egg salad BLT on pumpernickel. It's perfect! If you're out and about when the craving hits, Andre's on the east side makes a great version.